DTiQ's SmartAudit™

With DTiQ’s SmartAudit™ reports, trained experts use advanced algorithms and remote observation to deliver unparalleled insights through more than 28,000 monthly audits.
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Key SmartAudit™ stats

SmartAudits™ performed annually
locations using SmartAudit™ services see an improvement in refunds, discounts, and voids
transactions reviewed annually

How SmartAudit™ works

SmartAudit™ is a customizable ten-question remote audit of each of your locations. Received on a weekly or monthly basis, each business can create a rule-based distribution of findings, ensuring that each member of your team receives the information they need to succeed.

As your business changes and priorities evolve, so can your SmartAudit™ questions.
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Audit themes

Audits can be completely tailored based on your business needs. Looking for some inspiration? Here are common themes typically explored.
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Transactional fraud

Auditors alert you to cases of transactional fraud, allowing you to catch an stop fraud in its tracks.
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Operational compliance

Ensure your team is maintaining your brand standards. Audits flag issues of compliance around focus areas.
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Speed of service

Monitoring the speed of service is crucial as it directly impacts customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, and overall success.
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Employee productivity

Note when employees are being productive and unlock training opportunities when they are not.
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Store open/close performance

Late opens and early closes can be detrimental — keep an eye on this through customized audits.
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Food safety

Keep an eye on food prep areas, ensuring that you can optimize food prep and keep everybody safe.
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Safety & security

Keep your staff, guests, and operations safe and secure with an eye on operations at all times.
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Maximize financial return at each location.

Strive for better operational excellence to ensure sustained success.
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Gain actionable insights into store performance.

Make decisions based on data — unlocking new training opportunities, cost savings, and more.
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Experience unbiased and regularly scheduled reviews of business operations.

This innovative solution ensures thorough and impartial assessments for continuous improvement.
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Save time as DTiQ auditors actively participate in and take ownership of the review and audit process.

This hands-on approach ensures efficient and thorough assessments for your convenience.
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Benefit from a scalable and reliable service available 24/7, 365 days a year.

This ensures consistent support and accessibility for your needs.
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SmartAudit™ sample findings

Wonder what real DTiQ customers have found throughout their SmartAudit™ services? See what has been discovered.

Speed of service

Audits reveal the time between order placement and delivery, providing insights to enhance improve.

> Read more on speed of service
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Employee productivity

SmartAudit™ lets you keep an eye on your staff, even when you’re not there. Find new coaching opportunities for areas of struggle, like phone use or store cleanliness.
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Safe work habits

Safety is key, and it’s easier to keep your team and guest safer with SmartAudit ™. Audits can reveal when safety measures are being met, like clean dining areas with proper signage during mopping.
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Employee theft

According to data from the CRA,  75% of employees steal from their employer at some point — SmartAudit ™ helps minimize this. Catch employees in the act and have findings sent to your inbox.

We have caught several theft-related incidents with SmartAudit™. The support team has been great.

Jennifer Copeland
Director of Operational Support

I'd describe DTiQ's SmartAuditservices as an extra set of eyes that provide facts and video receipts to keep my employees on their toes.

Luis Candelaria
Director of Operations at 21 Dunkin' locations

Having DTiQ as our eye in the sky across locations is a huge component of managing our stores for success. I send each SmartAudit™ to managers.

Wade Gill
District Manager of eight Dunkin' locations

I was able to use [SmartAudit] reports and video files to talk to my employees about getting their tasks done and staying productive throughout their shifts. It was a great training opportunity.

Wade Gill
District Manager of eight Dunkin' locations
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