DTiQ's Advanced Analytics & Data Reporting

Transform your video data into a powerful analytic solution.
A computer screen with hands typing at the keyboard. The computer screen has different green bar graphs and pie charts pulled up, showing different data points.

Turn your video into a data goldmine.

DTiQ's video analytics offers both current data and historical trend analysis. This valuable information assists staff, store managers, and corporate leadership in recognizing when they are meeting their crucial performance benchmarks, as well as when they are falling short. This insight empowers them to make informed choices aimed at enhancing operational efficiency.
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Track with ease through advanced data reporting

Monitor the experience that guests have at your business across various real-time dimensions.
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Customer count

A line illustration of a receipt.

Store traffic

A line illustration of a globe.

Speed of service

A line illustration of a credit card.

Video & audio analytics

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Average wait time

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Customer analytics

Making informed decisions to positively impact operations has never been easier

Empower your business with data-driven decisions. Harnessing insights optimizes operations, maximizes efficiency, and ensures strategic success.
A man and a woman sitting in a cafe at a table. They are reviewing the notebook the woman is holding. The man is holding a coffee and a pencil, taking notes.

Ensure optimal customer service by aligning employee numbers with demand.

A busy restaurant with a 360 camera in the top right corner. There are green squares around people's faces, as if they are going to be caught on camera.

Refine display strategies based on observed behavior for optimal customer engagement.

two employees behind the register typing on their point of sale system screen

Recognize exceptional employee efforts to foster a culture of continuous improvement and motivation in the organization.

a woman on an ipad in a retail store, standing in the aisle

Track inventory movements with ease for efficient and proactive management.

Turn your video surveillance into a data goldmine

Transform your cameras into a goldmine of actionable insights.