Drive-thru timers

Optimize your drive-thru performance to guarantee more accurate orders — and more happy customers.
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Our drive-thru timer technology leads the industry in features, functionality, operational impact, and results.

Evidence-based outcomes from pilots and trials by many customers typically show a speed-of-service gain of 20-40 seconds and more (despite the presence or otherwise of a legacy timer) – along with the resultant increase in thruput. Those improvements mean more cars, more revenue, and an unbeatable return on investment.

the back of somebody working in a drive-thru wearing a headset looking at two separate screens. one is blue and one has green, yellow, and red stats, showing the drive-thru performance is good, bad, or indifferent

Our versatile system keeps the entire team informed about drive-thru operations, highlighting areas for intervention or improvement, and celebrating achievements.

The accuracy and integrity of data generated by our timer technology is unsurpassed – be that from cameras or traditional loops – with cheating schemes and gaming of the system flagged when identified.
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Our live in-store ranking competition enhances team engagement across teams.

All data from these systems are transmitted to our cloud-based drive-thru BI platform. This facilitates access to an array of reports, dashboards, push alerts, and more, all conveniently available on your mobile device.
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With the industry's top warranty and lower ownership costs, this solution is a must-have.

It provides remote support for quicker issue resolution, ensuring a highly compelling return on investment that you won't want to miss out on.
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