DTiQ's SmartAnalysis

Find — and stop —internal issues of fraud, theft, or other area's of concern faster.
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deep dive into incidents at scale

How SmartAnalysis works

Dive deep into findings from your SmartAudit™ solution with DTiQ’s SmartAnalysis. SmartAnalysis gives you a deep dive into singular incidents that are causing large-scale problems, letting you spend that time you would have to spend investigating an incident on other areas of your business — while keeping more money in your bottom line.

Services include:

  • 360iQ data video review and analysis: Comprehensive video review and analysis of 360iQ data to support clients in achieving their business objectives.
  • Transactional fraud research: Conducting research to identify transactional fraud through the SmartAudit™ service.
  • Remote video incident investigation: Remote video incident investigations are completed upon client request.
  • Transaction analysis and video verification service: Performing analysis and video verification for alerted transactions.
  • SmartAudit™ operational violations review and trend analysis: A thorough review and trend analysis of SmartAudit™ operational violations across the customers' locations.
  • High-risk transaction patterns review and trend analysis: Conducting a review and trend analysis of high-risk transaction patterns.
  • Account support analyst for profitability goals: The Account Support Analyst serves as your resource, assisting in achieving profitability goals.
  • Operational statistics analysis: Analyze relevant operational statistics to highlight the highest and lowest performers based on specified client KPIs, including Speed of Service, Fraud YTD, FCR, ICR, Audit scores average, and Highest question missed.

Benefits of SmartAnalysis

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Less reputation risks by preventing future incidents from affecting your business
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Easy access to video footage for various situations, including accidents, police investigations, and enhancing guest experiences
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Thorough external incident investigation review to yield results and save time
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A dedicated team of experts to support you in identifying and addressing suspicious activity
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High-quality video resolution for clear insights 
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In-depth analysis of fraud detection through SmartAudit
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Video verification and analysis for all alerted transactions 
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We've caught several theft-related incidents and other loss prevention-related issues thanks to the SmartAnalysis solution and the automatic weekly reports sent to us.

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