DTiQ Inside Speed of Service

Deliver a better guest experience without compromising on speed of service.
hands typing on a computer screen. the screen shows a camera that can see into a restaurant, as well as a timer and number of guests in the store. the timer reads 20:30 and the guest number is 6.
inside speed of service

Unlock insight into guest experience with DTiQ’s Inside Speed of Service. DTiQ’s Video Analytics solution leverages advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning, along with customized smart algorithms, to enable you to increase speed of service with ease. Dive into actionable insights with historical trend reports to inform users when their key performance indicators are being met — and when they’re not — so the right decisions can be made to increase operational efficiency.

Monitor the customer experience across various real-time dimensions, including entry/exit count, customer count, average wait time, and customers in line.

Make informed decisions with actionable insights that have a positive impact on your operations, including improvements in:

Make informed decisions to improve your speed of service with actionable insights.

the back of heads waiting in line at a restaurant. the furthest back is the back of a male head in a blue t shirt.

Once you measure it, you can improve it.

A computer in the foreground with a "timer" on it that reads 20:30 on the screen in white text. Behind this, an illustrated restaurant is outlined.

Compare number of customers in store at any given time with staff on hand, helping to manage labor costs.

three kitchen staff talking in the back of the restaurant, looking at a shared ipad or tablet screen

Find the perfect balance of training opportunities and helping your team grow without compromising the guest experience.

a hand hovering over an ipad screen that is asking for a review. the screen has a happy face, a neutral face, and a sad face on it

Optimized speed of service, especially when you can measure and improve this key metrics, will leave your guests wanting to come back for more.

Transform your speed of service with DTiQ

Don't compromise the guest experience for speed of service.