Cloud Archive by DTiQ

Protect your store from slip-and-fall settlements, robbery with no evidence, or unlock valuable HR training opportunities with video stored safely and securely.
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Cloud Archive by DTiQ gives you peace of mind by storing the footage you need the most — any video of incidents (slip and fall, theft, and more) are stored securely for as long as you need them.

After all, video footage is only as helpful as it is accessible. It becomes hard to protect yourself from fraudulent complaints, theft, and fraud without evidence.

With Cloud Archive, you can access the footage with ease when you need it — resulting in some major time and cost savings.

Benefits of Cloud Archive

Enhance security and streamline operations with reliable video surveillance storage solutions.
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Protect your business and save on settlement costs

Protect against false claims, save thousands on settlements with secure video evidence storage.
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Efficiently save time and money on video sourcing

Cut roughly $180/incident in productivity costs and eliminate travel for footage retrieval.
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Streamline video storage and sharing

Effortless video access and sharing, boost collaboration, and communication internally and externally.
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The Cloud Archive system helps us easily save content involving slip and falls or theft. The feature has been very handy for us.

Amish Patel
Owner of Cocoa Donuts LLC, 27 Dunkin’ locations
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