Drive-thru order accuracy

Optimize your drive-thru performance to guarantee more accurate orders — and more happy customers.
A woman reaching out of their car from the driver's seat to receive a takeout meal from a drive-thru.

Drive-thrus account for up to 70% of sales for QSRs — and when that much of your business comes from one area, there’s no room for getting orders wrong.

You need to empower your team at the drive-thru to deliver a great experience every time.
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DTiQ’s drive-thru order accuracy solution enables your team to handle the busiest drive-thru with ease. Increase your speed of service without compromising order accuracy, resulting in happy customers who want to come back time and time again. Our state-of-the-art solution optimizes single-lane and multi-lane setups, helping your team get the right order for the right car.

Drive-thru order accuracy by the numbers

SmartAudits™ performed annually
locations managed
3 million
SmartAudits™ performed
incremental revenue

Benefits a more accurate drive-thru can deliver

Increased revenue

Locations using drive-thru order accuracy see major increases in order accuracy and customer satisfaction. Some locations see upwards of $2,000 in increased revenue due to a smoother drive-thru experience.
Hands taking cash out of a cash register.

Up to 4% more cars during peak periods

Operators using this solution have experienced up to a 4% increase in cars served and even greater improvement of speed of service during peak periods.
Three cars in line at a busy drive-thru.

Happier customers every time

Drive-thrus with multiple order locations can keep track of their cars and orders, ensuring each customer gets their correct order and a great experience every time.
A woman smiling, reaching out of the window of her driver seat car, taking a brown paper bag.

Empowered team

Implementing a drive-thru order accuracy system empowers employees, reducing stress during peak hours. Streamlined processes enhance efficiency, mean more accurate orders, and help foster a smoother workflow and a more positive work environment.
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