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Intelligent video

Transitioning from myDTT to 360iQ unlocks a new world of benefits for your business, including:
- Enhanced camera functions
- Deeper reporting capabilities
- Custom dashboards and alerts
- Free access to Cloud Archive for video storage
- Easy navigation in web browser and mobile app
- SmartAudit Insight dashboard
- Access to in-platform chat support
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A hand holding a phone in front of a computer screen. Both of the screens are open to what looks like views of security cameras.

Advanced analytics & data reporting

Turn real-time video data into intelligence and maximize in-store engagement by measuring customer interactions, and employee effectiveness, and enhancing loss prevention.
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Map and manage your operations with routine, in-depth video audits and work with trained experts using advanced video algorithms and remote observation to deliver unparalleled insights.
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the back of a brunette woman sitting at a computer. she is reviewing camera footage from her restaurant cameras


Boost order accuracy, optimize speed of service, and move more cars through the drive-thru with DTiQ’s tailored drive-thru solutions.
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the back of somebody working in a drive-thru wearing a headset looking at two separate screens. one is blue and one has green, yellow, and red stats, showing the drive-thru performance is good, bad, or indifferent

Retail loss prevention

Minimize shrink and improve the guest experience with a loss prevention solution tailored for retail needs.
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