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Quick-service restaurants are facing major challenges with their operations — skyrocketing operating costs, labor shortages, and growing customer expectations.

The edge QSRs need in a competitive market

DTiQ’s custom solutions are tailored to your specific needs to help you tackle focus areas of your business, offering real-time actionable insights that let QSR owners stay on top of their business from anywhere at any time.
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Insights designed for restaurants, made by restaurant operators

DTiQ is more than security for your QSR — it’s peace of mind for your business and freedom to focus on what matters.
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Employee accountability 

Promote a culture of excellence and accountability. Leverage video surveillance for training opportunities and operational compliance, and find moments to recognize star moments within your team. 
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Protection of your bottom line

Safeguard video footage for easy access in the unfortunate event of disputes, accidents, or fraudulent claims. Investing in video surveillance protects you from theft, costly settlements, and other profit sinkholes.
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Eyes on your business

Watch all your locations from anywhere with DTiQ's mobile app. The cameras act as a deterrent against theft, vandalism, and other harmful instances. And in the case of these issues arising, DTiQ captures the footage you need to act.
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Unlock operational efficiency with ease

Analyze peak hours, staff efficiency, workflows, and traffic to optimize processes, attack wait times, and deliver quicker, more efficient service.
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Actionable insights just a click away

Make the most of your video footage with customized actionable insights sent straight to your inbox to help you tackle your business concerns.
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DTiQ QSR customer success story

See how DTiQ's loss prevention and video surveillance solutions help unlock actionable insights for this Florida-based QSR

Run a smarter business with DTiQ’s SmartSuite

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Elevate your QSR operations by pinpointing employee theft, operational non-compliance, customer experience opportunities, and employee productivity challenges.


With intelligent tools tailored to your QSR, SmartAnalysis gives you a deep dive into singular incidents that are causing large-scale problems, reducing time spent on investigating.
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SmartAssurance enhances QSR loss prevention with a dedicated program director providing expert guidance and tailored consultation for effective management.
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Top strategic benefits of implementing DTiQ

Running your quick service restaurant is even easier with benefits in these key areas.
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Our state-of-the-art surveillance and loss prevention solutions help you save on food waste, fraud, time theft, and more, resulting up to 2% of savings.

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Gain the power to make informed decisions and drive efficiency in your establishment.

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Exception-based reporting eliminates video sifting, sending the most important footage right to your inbox for swift action.

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Our auditors review and send suspicions to your team for verification. Detect and address issues swiftly.

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Easily spot financial losses like sweethearting, theft, discount fraud, and more.

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