DTiQ Announces New COVID-19 Video Based SmartAudit™

Use your existing video system to measure your COVID-19 response in restaurants, retailers, c-stores and businesses of all types

Boston, USA – 7 May 2020: DTiQ, the leading provider of intelligent video-based surveillance and data analytics solutions announced today the creation of a COVID-19 SmartAudit™ product. This product utilizes existing in-location video surveillance infrastructure to measure COVID-19 policies and provide immediate insights back to business operators.

The biggest problem facing many businesses is convincing the consumer or employee to come back while also facing challenges of safely operating in the “new normal.” There are rapid ways to utilize existing, already in-location technology systems to assist in tackling both challenges.

“The primary ways to stop the spread of the virus are uniquely measurable via video,” said Mike Coffey, CEO of  DTiQ.  “When we think of social distancing, PPE, mannerisms such as face touching, there are literally no other technologies to measure this outside of video. In addition, most organizations already have a surveillance infrastructure in place and can login remotely.  This means that DTiQ can plug into a business’s existing infrastructure and deploy our unique algorithms and services. This is all done with NO hardware or software to install and we produce incredible data sets. As a business owner or operator, you can immediately know who is following policies and what your risks are.”

In the month of April alone, DTiQ has already remotely video audited over 12,000 locations with safety, cleanliness, and hygiene procedures. The Operations Department at Coen Markets Inc, shared this enthusiasm, “We’re a consumer-focused essential business, and we took early steps to ensure our customers safety as well as that of our employees. By utilizing DTiQ’s SmartAudit™ to measure the COVID-19 policy adherence within our facilities, we were able to use our existing technology to give us unique summary data, and to let us literally see who was doing what.”

So many existing video systems are reactive only. DTiQ™ has developed a fast, reliable, and secure way to connect to those existing video systems and create the COVID-19 SmartAudit™.   With this, you can:

  • Deploy DTiQ’s best practices COVID-19 SmartAudit™ or customize your own
  • Follow state by state regulations and measure compliance on a local level
  • Immediately know which locations are compliant with COVID-19 policies
  • Provide summary reporting to management on regions, locations, and managers with best-in- class and worst-in-class compliance
  • Deploy in under a week and for under a dollar a day for many locations

For more information, visit www.dtiq.com.

About DTiQ

DTiQ offers state-of-the-art video surveillance to improve loss prevention and operational excellence efforts for restaurants, retail, and convenience store locations. With over 25 years of experience, DTiQ successfully enhances over 8 million consumer experiences daily while protecting trillions of dollars in assets. DTiQ works with 45,000+ locations, including brands such as Adidas, Burger King, Dairy Queen, Hard Rock Café, McDonald’s, Pandora, Subway, Swarovski, Taco Bell, Vineyard Vines, and Yankee Candle. For more information, visit www.dtiq.com.

About Coen Markets Inc.

Coen Markets, Inc. is one of the oldest and largest convenience chains in the Pittsburgh region. We began serving the public in 1923, and today we have over 60 locations in Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia. Our mission is to impress and satisfy our guests with every visit and make their lives simpler. We strive to provide the highest level of service, the best food we can make in kitchens, and the most comfortable retail environment for our guests to make Coen their preferred place to shop. www.coen1923.com

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