Convenience stores (C-stores) 

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Unleash the benefits of cutting-edge video surveillance and loss prevention solutions.

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DTiQ for c-stores and fuel stations

Time is your most valuable asset

DTiQ significantly eases the management stress for convenience store owners by providing real-time visibility into store activities. Combining video and POS data gives you the actionable insights you need to protect and grow your operations simultaneously.  

Most convenience store operations run on long hours, if not open 24 hours. With hours like that, it’s impossible to review and watch everything.  Save time finding the footage you need — DTiQ’s team of auditors help. You can trust our team to:

  • Flag suspicious activity right at the source. 
  • Search, store, and share footage of incidents (fraud, theft, crime) so they’re available and accessible whenever you need them. 
  • Be working when you need us. DTiQ’s support team is available 24/7/365. If your operation isn’t closing, neither are we.

Your footage also works harder with less effort on your part. Work with DTiQ to determine what matters to your business and receive custom reporting. With custom reporting, you can dive into:

  • Transaction patterns 
  • Custom alerts  
  • Audit findings

DTiQ provides a comprehensive business intelligence platform to C-stores, fuel stations, and car wash centers – covering you whenever you need it.

Tailored security around high-value items

Work with DTiQ to tailor camera placement, letting you keep an eye on high-value and high-risk items, like cigarettes, lotto tickets, alcohol, and more.  
the checkout section of a convenience store. the checkout area includes gift cards, lotto tickets, and items like vapes and cigarettes further behind the cash

Enforce policies and recognize star employees with ease

DTiQ’s C-store auditing programs track location performance, improve employee policy compliance, and provide an unparalleled view of your entire operation.
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a computer screen with an excel-style document shown on it. the list of columns has sections highlighted in green and red, showing good or bad results

Safety and security built for C-stores and fuel stations

Act quickly when facing crime, robberies, and security threats with DTiQ’s comprehensive loss prevention and security products, helping you to resolve current issues and prevent future theft.
An external shot of a gas station.

Hours of operation that match your needs

C-stores operate at all hours, and so does DTiQ. Our support team is available 24/7/365 to respond to critical incidents or troubleshoot any technical difficulties you may be experiencing.
A hand holding a phone flat facing the camera. There are icons hovering above the screen, as if they are projected, that represent support.

Protect against modern-age theft

Leverage DTiQ’s artificial intelligence, data analytics, and video surveillance to identify and alert management to suspicious employee behavior or transactions. Easily verify employee behavior with the physical proof you require to take action against theft.
A hand holding a phone in front of a computer screen. Both of the screens are open to what looks like views of security cameras.

See how DTiQ benefits your C-store

Transform your C-store operation with DTiQ — book time with our team to see what we can do for you.