About us

DTiQ is a leading force in intelligent video-based surveillance and loss prevention solutions, redefining how some of the top brands across the globe monitor and optimize their operations.

about dtiq

With a rich history of over 25 years, DTiQ has become an industry leader in providing cutting-edge technology for loss prevention, security, and operational efficiency. DTiQ’s innovative video analytics and surveillance systems empower businesses within restaurant, convenience store, and retail spaces to enhance safety, reduce losses, and improve overall performance.

DTiQ's comprehensive suite of services offer real-time insights and actionable data, allowing businesses to make informed decisions and optimize their operations. DTiQ's commitment to innovation, reliability, and exceptional customer service has solidified its position as the go-to partner for businesses seeking to safeguard assets, improve customer experiences, and drive profitability.

DTiQ by the numbers

3 million
SmartAudits™ performed
different POS partnerships across restaurant, retail, and C-store
Employees globally

Our leadership team

black and white headshot of Steve Habermas
Chief Executive Officer
JL Valente was named DTiQ’s Chief Executive Officer in May 2024. JL develops strategic initiatives to continue to accelerate growth for DTiQ and manages day-to-day operations.
black and white headshot of Steve Habermas
Terence J.
Chief Revenue Officer
Terence J. Fitzpatrick brings over two decades of dynamic leadership as a C-level executive, spearheading large-scale data-driven transformations for leading organizations worldwide.
black and white headshot of Steve Habermas
Chief Product & Technology Officer
Steve Habermas was named DTiQ’s Chief Product & Technology Officer in February 2022. He is responsible for DTiQ’s product strategy and delivery, oversees the company’s product management, technology, and R&D functions.
black and white headshot of Steve Habermas
Chief Financial Officer
Saša Zorović joined DTiQ in 2024 as Chief Financial Officer. With an impressive 30 years' career, Saša brings a tactical lens to DTiQ’s financial planning and strategy that will continue to eleavte DTiQ’s efforts in the QSR, C-store, and retail space.
black and white headshot of Steve Habermas
SVP of R&D
Kris is an innovator, technology enthusiast, and experienced leader with over 20 years of professional work in the IT industry. Responsible for Research and Development at DTiQ, he is professional in building and managing efficient R&D organizations at a medium to large scale.
black and white headshot of Steve Habermas
Vice President Strategy and Corporate Development
Ted Dolan joined DTiQ in January 2022. He is responsible for leading DTiQ’s Strategy and Corporate Development. In this role, Ted will lead corporate initiatives focused on growth, innovation, and advancing technologies that fulfill DTiIQ’s vision of delivering improved ROI for our customers.
black and white headshot of Steve Habermas
Head of People Operations
Kate Kosewski joined the team at DTiQ in September 2022 to oversee the human resource function. In her day-to-day, you can find Kate building the HR function to support DTiQ’s growth plans and drive new culture initiatives.

25 years of DTiQ

DTiQ has come a long way in 25 years! Check out some of the major highlights.
A group photo of 15 people outside smiling in front of an awning. The awning is blue and has a logo that says "DTT" on it in bold white text.
  • Drive-Thru Technology” Founded by Sam Naficy
  • Product Line Expanded from Headsets to Surveillance
  • DTT Chosen as Exclusive Supplier of Digital Surveillance Products on ABC’s “Extreme Makeover, Home Edition”
A faded background image with people walking through a store. On top of the background image is a white magnifying glass with the text "Smart Audit" in white italic font.
  • DTT Named on Inc. 5000 List
  • DTT SmartAudit™ Tool Launches
  • DTT Joins PCI Compliance Council
  • DTT Named 17th Fastest-Growing Company by Los Angeles Business Journal
A computer and tablet, head on to the camera. You can see both of the screens, which feature a dashboard on them. The dashboard details are small and cannot be read.
  • MyDTT™ Enterprise Management Portal Launches
  • DTT Conducts One Million SmartAudit™ Reports
A faded background image of two people shaking hands, with "My DTT" in white text on the front of the image.
  • DTT is the marketplace leader with unmatched loss prevention and managed services, including nationwide installations by DTT-certified specialists, 24/7/365 customer support, and 35,000+ installed locations
  • DTT Closes $80 Million Facility with Capital One & Completes Acquisition of LP Innovations Inc.
  • DTT Announces Appointment of Mike Coffey as New CEO
  • DTT Expands Offering with Acquisition of Leading Business Management Platform EZUniverse and 360iQ
A white screen with a DTiQ logo in the middle.
  • DTT re-brands as DTiQ, and consolidates LPI, 360iQ, and DTT operations into a single, comprehensive business intelligence and loss prevention solution
  • Digital Alpha leads $200M investment to acquire a majority stake in DTiQ, catalyzing the Cisco Meraki partnership and extending DTiQ's marketing-leading AI, cloud, and automation capabilities with a best-in-class video platform
  • Portfolio expansion with Summit Innovations for a full-service drive-thru solution
  • Organic growth through complementary technology and acquisitions with Digital Alpha investing in DTiQ
  • DTiQ turns 25 in 2023!