DTiQ Announces COVID-19 Update for Customers

As a valued customer of DTiQ, we take our mission to support you very seriously, and wanted to share our COVID-19 preparedness plan with you.

First, as we have been following the COVID-19 developments very closely, we have a webinar to share our learnings this Friday, March 13 at 1pm EDT. We recognize that this is a challenging time and want to help our customers find the right resources to make the necessary business decisions. If you can’t make it, don’t worry, it will be recorded and is available via a registration link here.

Second, we want you to know that we are well prepared operationally. We know that loss and theft can skyrocket during times of turmoil, and our goal is to ensure we always protect your assets at all times.

We have a geo-redundancy plan that consists of multiple geographically diverse operational centers. Additionally, as I write this, we have already moved 40% of our team to remote work across two continents.

All of our team members entering your stores or restaurants are subject to our COVID-19 policy (found here). This involves simple things like wash-in, wash-out procedures and reporting/notification requirements.

Lastly, we will continue to work with you on scheduling during this challenging time, as availability of technicians, auditors, and field personnel combined with geographic travel restrictions remain an area we are closely following.

Most importantly, we know that your number one job is attracting consumers to your locations and ensuring a safe and successful consumer experience. By utilizing our technology and services, we are launching two new services to assist this, free for any existing audit or awareness subscribers that wish to adopt these:

We are launching today a new video based SmartAudit® product focused on Hygiene, Cleanliness, and operational procedures. We have taken the best policies from leading operators and turned them into a best practices video audit, OR we can use your brand-standards. We perform over 30,000 monthly audits and we can turn these on immediately for you. This is free for any of our technology audit subscribers that wish to swap their current audits out. We are a third-party certified auditing company that can help give you comfort that you are remotely monitoring and measuring locations against strict guidelines regarding cleanliness and hygiene. We also have consumer notices you can share that support this third-party auditing. We know that publicizing these can be huge to consumer confidence.

We have new customer/employee awareness campaigns for the second quarter that are focused on employee cleanliness and hygiene and can be resent to any customers and used in your locations. These campaigns are free for any existing awareness campaign subscribers.

For more information on these, please reach out to your account executive, program director, or info@dtiq.com.

Lastly, we understand that your businesses are critical to you – they provide your income, growth, passion, and incredible consumer experiences all at the same time. We want you to know that we treat our obligation to assist you in the highest regard and that we’ll be there for you.


Mike Coffey

Chief Executive Officer, DTiQ


About DTiQ

DTiQ offers state-of-the-art video surveillance to improve loss prevention and operational excellence efforts for restaurants, retail, and convenience store locations. With over 25 years of experience, DTiQ successfully enhances over 8 million consumer experiences daily while protecting trillions of dollars in assets. DTiQ works with 45,000+ locations, including brands such as Adidas, Burger King, Dairy Queen, Hard Rock Café, McDonald’s, Pandora, Subway, Swarovski, Taco Bell, Vineyard Vines, and Yankee Candle. For more information, visit www.dtiq.com.

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