DTiQ's drive-thru solutions

Elevate your QSR business with cutting-edge drive-thru technologies that have a proven rapid ROI and deliver exceptional restaurant operations, guest experience, and profitability.

Ensuring consistent reliability in speed of service, accuracy and positive guest experiences, especially during the busiest times of the day, is essential for a drive-thru to succeed.  

The last thing your guests remember as they leave your drive-thru lane is "Was that a good experience? Would I come here again?"
Cue DTiQ’s drive-thru solutions. Our suite of products is tailored for all drive-thrus, regardless of volume, and allow your team to optimize speed-of-service and improve the overall guest experience putting more cars through the drive-thru – all while keeping your customers happy and encouraging repeatable business based on their experience and your restaurants reputation.

DTiQ's drive-thru success by the numbers

incremental revenue
increase in order accuracy
more cars through the drive-thru in peak hours

Drive-thru timers

Our drive-thru system provides real-time drive-thru performance data, including how long cars are at each point, waiting bay times, and average service speed, providing tools for improved operations. This information can be viewed within the restaurant or remotely via a range of devices including your smartphone, tablet, smartwatch or computer.

the back of somebody working in a drive-thru wearing a headset looking at two separate screens. one is blue and one has green, yellow, and red stats, showing the drive-thru performance is good, bad, or indifferent