Inteligentne rozwiązania wideo DTiQ

Wykorzystaj innowacyjny nadzór, aby bez wysiłku monitorować swoją firmę, bez względu na to, gdzie się znajdujesz.

Wykraczaj poza tradycyjne zabezpieczenia i nadzór CCTV dzięki ulepszonym inteligentnym systemom zarządzania wideo (VMS) z DTiQ. DTiQ może przeglądać interakcje z klientami, oceniać skuteczność pracowników i dalsze zapobieganie stratom.

Dzięki ponad 190 000 kamer stacjonujących na całym świecie udoskonalona inteligentna analityka wideo DTiQ poprawia wrażenia klientów i bezpieczeństwo biznesowe dzięki zaawansowanym algorytmom wideo.
DTiQ ma możliwość integracji z większością istniejących kamer, co oznacza, że możesz w pełni wykorzystać technologię, którą już posiadasz.

Decisions on the go

DTiQ’s mobile app gives users instant access to the business intelligence information they need to run their operations. Take advantage of easy-to-use, full system functionality to stay connected to your business from any location.

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Customer success

Our in-house customer success team is your dedicated partner to ensure success with DTiQ, committed to helping you improve your bottom line and maximize your results by delivering loss prevention expertise, actionable insights, and assuring that your team are trained experts with everything DTiQ has to offer.

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Cloud Archive

Gone are the days of going on site to collect and safeguard your video footage with traditional CCTV surveillance systems. Collecting and storing evidence is a critical component of any investigation. Cloud Archive allows users to archive video of any event to the cloud and easily share it  via email with internal or external stakeholders and necessary authorities.

Learn more about Cloud Archive
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Motion detection

Motion detection protects against internal and external theft by easily alerting users to unauthorized behavior, product theft, or after-hours entry. Receive push notifications from the mobile app when motion is detected in an area outside of acceptable hours.

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Managed service-support

Our support team actively monitors your system’s performance and is ready to assist by phone, email, or chat when any issues occur.

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Off-site storage

Off-Site Storage streams camera footage to DTiQ’s secure video cloud, ensuring that video is saved if your video management system (VMS) is damaged or stolen. DTiQ users can enjoy storate from a single camera or all cameras for any desired period — from one week to five years.

An offsite storage center.


Integrating audio into your video solution provides a complete picture of each customer interaction, allowing users to determine exactly what transpired. You can listen for upselling or verify customer complaints and altercations.

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Using DTiQ, all the issues [with quality, hardware, connection, mobile access] vanished. Qualities are amazing. I can access them [the video] anywhere, anytime, with any device.

Parthik Patel
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